Tio - The Simple Serial Device I/O Tool

I have released tio v1.40

See https://tio.github.io for more details.

tio is a simple serial device tool which features a straightforward command-line and configuration file interface to easily connect to serial TTY devices for basic I/O operations.

Originally I created tio to replace screen for connecting to serial devices when used in combination with tmux. After having used screen for many years to manage tty terminals but also connect to serial devices, it started to seem a bit silly to start screen in a tmux session. Also, screens serial device support is lacking features that would be helpful in the daily work of an embedded developer. On the other hand, popular alternatives such as minicom also seems a bit too complex and includes modem features which are rarely used anymore in a modern world of no modems. Hence the creation of tio.

Today tio serves as a simple serial device tool for talking with TTY devices with less focus on classic terminal/modem features and more focus on the needs of embedded developers and hackers.

tio in action

After having neglected maintaining tio for about 3 years I am finally back at the helm. During this time a lot of pull requests with new features have been made from various people around the world. tio v1.40 marks the culmination of my efforts trying to catch up with all the contributed features and reported bug reports.

New features include configuration file support, new timestamp formats, configurable tio text colors, improved hexadecimal mode with hexadecimal input support, redirection of I/O to socket, easy listing of available serial devices, etc.

tio is available for various platforms including Linux, FreeBSD, MacOS, etc.